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Gravity Deer & Turkey Feeder
Gravity Deer feeder

    We've designed an innovative, light-weight,
    and incredibly durable gravity feeder that
    eliminates all the hassles typically encountered
    with electronic feeders.  Unlike traditional
    spin feeders, our patented spring-loaded
    feeder trays allow animals to eat directly from
    the trays without the need to scatter food
    all over the ground.

    No More Changing Batteries.
    No More Setting Timers.
    No More Wasted Food.
    No More Hassles.

    The SPYDER Gravity Feeder attachment easily
    attaches to any existing  feed barrel, drum, bucket,
    or food storage conatiner.  Simply bolt the SPYDER
    to the bottom of your container of choice,
    and you're all set.

    By putting pressure on the feeder trays as they eat,
    the animals open the flow of food that dispenses from
    the storage container.  Once the pressure is released,
    the flow is cut off ensuring that food is not wasted.
    A small lip on the end of the feeder tray ensures that
    there is no overflow.  You have the ability to adjust
    the spring tension and distance the feeder tray travels
    with a few simple turns of a screw.


gravity deer feeder attachment
Gravity Deer Feeder
Deer Feeder
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